The Castel was founded October 15, 1916 however the building was built in 1960 and has been recently remodeled.   The Castel Club is a perfect venue for both large and intimate events, holding up to 250 people.  Venues such as anniversaries, birthdays, bridal/baby showers or weddings, the Club also has a private bridal room. The Castel is also a social club, which provides a relaxing place for its members to spend time.  Along with its fully stocked bar, bar menu, special events, and indoor bocce courts, the Castel Club is a fun and exciting place to be.  The Club has a large bar, ample seating area, a stage and dance floor. Welcome to The Castel The Castel Main Entrance The Castel Large Bar The Castel Large Dance Floor The Castel DJ Bandstand The Castel Large Dining Room                The Castel has a Large Dining Room seating up to 250 people. DJ Bandstand The Castel has a Large Dance Floor The Castel's Large Parking Lot The Castel has a large parking lot. The Castel has a large Bar